The delay in construction is attributed to the meticulous preparation of the new plans.


Lucknow: The construction of the proposed mosque in Ayodhya on land given in lieu of demolished Babri mosque is expected to begin in May.

Zufar Farooqui, the chief trustee of the Indo Islamic Cultural Foundation (IICF) Trust which is tasked with building the mosque in Ayodhya’s Dhannipur village, said the work is scheduled to begin in May for which the preparations are underway.

“The Foundation’s website is under construction and is likely to be operational by February. Following its launch, the website will serve as a platform for collecting funds for the mosque through convenient means such as QR codes,” Farooqui added.

“The delay in construction is attributed to the meticulous preparation of the new plans, including those for the mosque and an accompanying hospital, library etc. These comprehensive designs will be submitted to the Ayodhya Development Authority in February, signifying a critical step in the project’s progression.

“After that, the next step for construction of the mosque would be taken. But the stone-laying ceremony will only be possible after the funds for the mosque are collected and a map of the mosque is passed.

“The mosque is set to be constructed in Ayodhya’s Dhannipur village with plans for it to span over 40,000 square feet, a considerable expansion from the initially proposed 15,000 square feet. The initial design, inspired by traditional Indian mosque architecture, faced rejection, prompting the development of a new design that is currently in preparation,” Farooqui added.

The revised design will then undergo the necessary administrative approvals.

Certain members of IICF construction committee advocated for alterations to the original design, leading to this re-evaluation and enhancement of mosque’s architectural plans, Farooqui noted.

Athar Hussain, spokesperson for IICF said: “We want mosque to be a symbol of Hindu Muslim unity.”

Source: Siasat Daily