“By showing hatred towards the national flag, the BJP has certified itself as anti-nationals,” Kharge stated.


Bengaluru: Karnataka Minister for RDPR, IT and BT Priyank Kharge on Monday attacked the BJP, saying that if they do not like the national flag, Indian Constitution and integrity of the nation, their leaders “can go to their preferred destination Pakistan”.

“We will not bog down with the conspiracies and strategies of the BJP. We will effectively deal with it,” he underlined.

The minister was speaking over the issue of hoisting and bringing down of saffron flag bearing the picture of Lord Hanuman on a 108-feet-tall flagpost on government land in the Keragodu village in Mandya district of Karnataka. The issue has turned out to be a latest flash point between the ruling Congress and opposition BJP in Karnataka.

Kharge further stated, “Like RSS, which hated the tiranga (national flag), BJP trained by the RSS is also hating the national flag. Instead of respecting it, the BJP is hating the Tricolour. Mr. Vijayendra (State BJP President B Y Vijayendra), the government has fulfilled the purpose of the flagpole by hoisting the national flag.”

“Even then why are you so angry? By showing hatred towards the national flag, the BJP has certified itself as anti-nationals,” Kharge stated.

He further said that the BJP and Sangh Parivar which had made the coastal region its Hindutva laboratory have now been activated in Mandya district and started their Hindutva experimentation here.

“It seems BJP won’t be at peace if the society is peaceful. The BJP leaders have stooped down to the low level of igniting fire in Mandya district for political gains. The position of LoP is a dignified post, his actions won’t bring respect to his position,” he said.

“Here are few facts for the reference of LoP Ashoka and State President Vijayendra. The Gaurishankar Seva Trust which had hoisted the flag had given in writing on December 29, 2023 that they would only hoist national and state flags while seeking permission to erect the flagpole.

“They had given another submission in writing on January 17 that they would only hoist the national flag and regional flag. They had clearly stated that they would not hoist religious or political flags,” Priyank Kharge explained.

“On Jan 18 the officers of Keregodu Gram Panchayat had given consent only for hoisting of the national flag and state flag on Jan 18 with conditions. They have been clearly informed that they should abide by the changes in rules made by the authorities.

“Who conspired to hoist the Bhagwa (saffron) flag instead of tricolour? Who provoked people to violate conditions by authorities? Since how long has the BJP been conspiring to disturb peace? Why is the BJP looking at the law, rules and order as trash?” Kharge said.

The saffron flag was hoisted on January 19, which was ignored by authorities till January 26. On the occasion of Republic Day, the authorities had hoisted the Tricolour and brought it down at dusk.

The next day the saffron flag bearing the picture of Hanuman was hoisted again. The authorities brought down this flag in police protection on Sunday leading to a confrontation between the authorities and people.

Following the turn of events, the authorities imposed curfew in the region and beefed up police security. The situation is tense in the region and Karnataka BJP had given a call for statewide protest condemning the act of the government to bring down the Hindu religious flag.

Source: Siasat Daily