The Hindu side has also filed a caveat, seeking that it should be heard before the court passes any order.


Varanasi: The Anjuman Intezamia Masjid Committee, which manages Gyanvapi mosque in Varanasi, has moved the Allahabad High Court challenging the Varanasi district court’s order which allowed Hindus to perform prayers in the southern cellar of the mosque.

The Muslim side has also filed a plea in district court seeking a stay for 15 days on puja inside the basement.

The Hindu side has also filed a caveat, seeking that it should be heard before the court passes any order.

The matter was mentioned before Acting Chief Justice Manoj Kumar Gupta by senior advocate S.F.A. Naqvi and he was asked to move an urgent listing plea before the Registrar Listing.

Accordingly, an application has been moved before the Registrar, Listing and the matter is likely to be taken up soon.

The development comes after the Supreme Court refused to urgently hear the Mosque Committee’s plea against the order allowing puja in Vyas Ji ka Tehkhana, located at the southern cellar of the Mosque.

The Varanasi District Judge had directed the district administration to make appropriate arrangements within 7 days for Hindus to conduct worship rituals inside one of the sealed cellars (Vyas ji ka tehkhana) inside the existing Gyanvapi mosque complex.

Worship at this spot was stopped in the year 1993.

Shortly after the Varanasi District Judge’s order, District Magistrate M.S. Rajalingam, along with other government officials, entered the mosque complex through gate number 4 of the Kashi Corridor and the officials spent around two hours inside the complex.

While leaving the premises, Rajalingam told the media present outside that the court order had been complied with.

In its application, the mosque committee has contended that the administration was acting in ‘hot haste’ soon after the Varanasi Court’s order to allow the pooja at night itself. The application further argued that these actions, occurring in the middle of the night, aimed to pre-empt any legal challenge by the mosque managing committee.

Source: Siasat Daily