Vijayapura: In a unique demonstration of discontent, Mayor Mehjabin Horti of Vijayapur Municipal Corporation arrived at the Corporation premises riding a tonga (horse cart), expressing frustration over the allocation of an old vehicle sans a driver for official duties.

Mehjabin Horti, representing the Congress party, assumed office as Mayor of Vijayapur Municipal Corporation recently.

However, her enthusiasm was dampened when she was provided with an outdated vehicle lacking a designated driver. Unwilling to tolerate the inconvenience, Mayor Mehjabin resorted to an unconventional protest to draw attention to the issue.

The vehicle allocated to the Mayor suffers from significant mechanical issues, exacerbating the transportation challenges. Moreover, the absence of a designated driver renders the vehicle unusable for official functions, further complicating the Mayor’s responsibilities.

Despite repeated appeals to the Principal Secretary of the municipal administration concerned department, no satisfactory response has been forthcoming, prompting Mayor Mehjabin to take matters into her own hands.

Venting frustration over the lack of response from departmental officials, the Mayor chose to commute to the Corporation premises aboard a tonga, symbolizing the neglect faced by elected representatives.

The Mayor’s unconventional protest has sparked widespread debate and garnered attention across Vijayapura, highlighting the gravity of the issue and the urgency for a resolution. While regulations stipulate provisions for acquiring a new or rented vehicle for official use, critics argue that the Mayor’s decision to stage a tonga ride was unnecessary and aimed at garnering publicity.

As the controversy unfolds, residents and officials await further developments, hoping for a swift resolution to ensure seamless functioning of municipal affairs and address the Mayor’s legitimate concerns.

Source: Siasat Daily