The previous BJP government had imposed a ban on wearing hijab in schools and pre-university colleges.

Bengaluru: Karnataka BJP has come down heavily on Chief Minister Siddaramaiah for announcing the decision to withdraw hijab ban imposed by the previous BJP government.

Taking to social media on Friday, the BJP charged that Siddaramaiah is all set to amend the Constitution to appease the ‘goondas’ of the banned Popular Front of India (PFI) and the minorities, adding that people will teach him a befitting lesson in the coming days.

“Sowing of poisonous seeds in the beautiful garden of all religions is Siddaramaiah’s guarantee scheme. The uniform guidelines were implemented to ensure equality among children in schools and colleges. This has been upheld by the Supreme Court of India as well,” BJP claimed.

But, the Chief Minister is creating divisiveness in the minds of school going children in the matter of uniforms, BJP said.

In a move that may spark a controversy, Siddaramaiah on Saturday announced that he has asked for lifting of the ban on hijab for students and pre-university students in the state as clothing is a matter of individual choice.

“PM Modi’s ‘sab ka saath sab ka vikas’ slogan is bogus. The BJP is into dividing people and the society on the basis of clothes, dress, and caste. Anyone can wear hijab and go to schools and colleges. I have asked to revert the decision banning hijab.

“Dressing and food habits are people’s choice. You can wear whatever dress you want to. You can eat whatever you want. Whatever I eat is my right. I am clad in dhoti and jubba. If you want to wear a pant, you can. What is wrong with that?

“Our government will work for the poor. You should not stand with those who lie and indulge in cheating,” Siddaramaiah said after inaugurating the newly-constructed Kavalande, Antarsante and Jayapura police stations in the Nanjangudu constituency in Mysuru.

BJP state president B Y Vijayendra, in a post on X, said the government is dividing young minds along religious lines.“CM Siddaramaiah’s decision to withdraw the Hijab ban in educational institutions raises concerns about the secular nature of our educational spaces,” the Shikaripura MLA said.

“By allowing religious attire in educational institutions Siddaramaiah government is promoting dividing young minds along religious lines, potentially hindering the inclusive learning environment,” he said.

The BJP state chief said it was crucial to prioritise education over divisive practices and foster an environment where students can focus on academics without the influence of religious practices.

The previous BJP government had imposed a ban on wearing hijab in schools and pre-university colleges.

The move was questioned by the students in the Karnataka High Court, which had upheld the decision of the government. The matter is presently pending in the Supreme Court.

Source: Siasat Daily